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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to get three estimates?
A: No, absolutely not. Laws have changed in the insurance industry. One area of change is the “right to choose” law. You, the consumer, have the right to choose the repair facility of your choice.

Q: How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
A: That depends on the extent of damage to your vehicle, parts, availability, and often, your insurance company. An estimated time of repair can be roughly determined by a thorough examination of the damage.

Q: Can you assist me with alternate transportation?
A: Absolutely! Our location has access to several car rental agencies. We can make a reservation for you and handle the administrative data transfer between your insurance company and the rental agency.

Q: Can you pick up and deliver my vehicle?
A: Yes! At Frisco Auto Body, we will do our best to accommodate you and do what we can to assist you in any way.

Q: What are the aftermarket parts?
A: They are parts for your vehicle that are manufactured by suppliers other than the original equipment manufacturer. These parts are less expensive and therefore are favored by some insurance companies in order to reduce their cost for claims.

Q: Will my insurance company use aftermarket or used parts on my vehicle?
A: Possibly. Some insurance companies elect to only use certain aftermarket parts and stay away from others. Each claim is different.

Q: Are aftermarket parts as good as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?
A: Some aftermarket parts do not fit as well as OEM parts. If that is the case, we can replace the aftermarket parts with OEM parts.

Q: What happens if my repair takes longer than my rental allowance?
A: Frisco Auto Body and paint will always handle your repair in a professional, timely manner, paying attention to detail and never compromising quality. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that are out of our control. Parts availability and part accuracy, if this is the case, we can communicate with your insurance company in order for them to extend your rental.

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